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We create content for everybody, that shifts behavior in targeted demographics.

Video content and strategy company Iris MediaWorks has played a vital role in helping Keys to the Community share our message with a wider audience.

Keys to the Community has Iris MediaWorks to thank for its burgeoning video presence: through the generosity of Founding Partners Noah Workman and Patrick Rousseau, we’ve gained access to vital film equipment that has allowed us to share our mission with the greater NYC community.

About Iris MediaWorks

Noah and Patrick go way back: they’ve known each other since they were six years old, attending the same elementary, middle, and high schools together. Patrick went on to study engineering and theatrical lighting design, while Noah studied development economics and classical literature. Post-graduation, Noah’s focus was on making films, and he enlisted Patrick as his partner in this endeavor. Gradually, their focus shifted from making movies together to the ins and outs of advertising and technology.

Iris MediaWorks is a mini-agency that partners with both early stage startups and large, established companies like Walmart and MAC Cosmetics. Patrick handles the production process and makes sure clients have everything they need, while Noah works as the creative director.

Recent Projects

As mentioned above, Iris MediaWorks works with a range of clients, big and small — each of which require a unique approach tailored to the company’s specific needs. For larger companies, the focus is on articulating complicated technologies to decrease sales time and increase understanding among consumers. These video campaigns are also meant to grow awareness and promote new products, services, or offerings.

Smaller companies, especially startups, face a very different problem: they’re used to selling themselves to potential investors, especially in the tech space. We help them make the transition from speaking to investors to speaking to consumers, whether B2B or B2C. One project that’s on the horizon: a fun and enjoyable video for startup Remesh, a client that just received a new round of funding and specializes in bringing a human element to surveys and focus groups.

Our Connection

Iris MediaWorks maintains a studio in Brooklyn that houses all of their video equipment, and they’re happy to share their experience and equipment with local community artists. When Julie Gratz of Keys to the Community reached out to Noah and Patrick, they were more than willing to help out. Lending their equipment to talented artists in need is Iris MediaWork’s way of paying it forward to those who have helped them along their own path to success.