Sugar Mutts


Brooklyn’s Sugar Mutts Rescue provides a safe haven for dogs of all stripes.

How Sugar Mutts Got Its Start

In 2007, dog lover Amy Marciano began Sugar Mutts Rescue as a foster-based rescue organization. Operating for many years without a central office, the nonprofit was entirely reliant on volunteer foster families to house their growing population of homeless pups.

Luckily, with a little perseverance and a lot of community support, Amy was able to open a permanent home for Sugar Mutts in March 2015. Located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, the facility serves as both a rescue center and a doggy daycare, and the staff is 100% dedicated to ensuring that every dog in their care gets the TLC he or she deserves.

By dedicating part of the space to a for-profit daycare and boarding center, Sugar Mutts is able to fund its incredible adoption center. “What I like to say,” Amy tells us, “is that the more fortunate dogs provide for the less fortunate. So those dogs that have homes and families and love already are funding our ability to support dogs who don’t have that yet.”

The Rescue Mission

Now that Sugar Mutts has its own facility, the organization generally boards up to 10 dogs and has anywhere from eight to 20 dogs up for adoption at any given time. Luckily, the facility has never reached capacity, so Sugar Mutts is constantly taking in new canines in need.

According to Amy, dogs generally come to Sugar Mutts in one of three ways. The first (and most common) is what’s called a “surrender” — when families can no longer keep their dogs and choose to give them up for adoption. Sugar Mutts also takes in strays, usually brought in by concerned community members or local police officers. Finally, Sugar Mutts works with select rescue organizations that transport dogs from small towns in the South up to New York City, where they can get the care and attention they need.

So what sets Sugar Mutts apart from other rescue organizations? Sugar Mutts displays a genuine and unwavering willingness to accommodate every dog, regardless of behavioral issues or age. Sugar Mutts deeply believes that no dog should be given up on. According to Amy, Sugar Mutts “rescues dogs of all types, and we don’t discriminate based on breed or age.” That’s why no matter what special needs a dog has — whether he’s aggressive, shy, or skittish — Sugar Mutts does its very best to accommodate. That’s because, as far as Sugar Mutts (and Lockbusters!) is concerned, some dogs may be luckier than others, but all dogs are created equal.

The Keys to the Community Connection

Lockbusters founder Jay Sofer has always been a big believer in paying it forward. That’s why, when his dog Bear passed away, he decided to donate Bear’s belongings to dogs in need — specifically, the dogs over at Sugar Mutts Rescue.

Jay continued to visit Sugar Mutts after his initial donation, but it wasn’t until Lockbusters was called for a lockout in Upper Manhattan that their collaboration truly began. After Jay asked his customer to forego payment in favor of a donation to Sugar Mutts, the customer posted about this unusual act of generosity on Tumblr, resulting in PayPal donations from across the globe. This inspired a partnership between Lockbusters and Sugar Mutts that is still going strong.