An Adrenaline-Pumping, Fur-Flying Rescue Mission in Brooklyn


Every good story involves rescued kittens and happy endings.

At Keys to the Community, we’re all about helping out our local NYC community in whatever ways we can — and sometimes, that means rescuing kittens trapped in ceilings! We recently had the opportunity to assist in an adrenaline-pumping, fur-flying rescue mission in Brooklyn. Spoiler alert: there was a happy ending for all creatures involved.

The Story

Jay was contacted through a Brooklyn building management company that knew of his work with Keys to the Community and NYC-area animal shelters. They asked for his assistance to address an emergency situation: a kitten was trapped in the ceiling of one of their buildings! Jay contacted Anne Levin from the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, and they both raced over that evening to assess the situation.

When they arrived, they stumbled upon the scene of the crime: the tenants of this particular apartment had had an access panel cut into their ceiling, and as soon as it was cut, a feral cat fell from the ceiling and scurried out the window. However, they soon heard faint meowing coming from the ceiling and discovered the next plot twist to this story: the cat had a kitten, and it was still trapped! For the next several days, the mother cat would come back to the building and meow to her kitten, and the kitten would meow back. The couple living in the apartment tried to lure the kitten out of the ceiling with food, but to no avail.

With some patience, Anne was able to catch the mom outside the building and bring her into the apartment, hoping that the kitten would hear her mother calling for her and come out. Anne climbed up a ladder and into the ceiling to set up a trap, and within a day, the kitten had been rescued.

With a happy ending, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief — both cats have been rescued and are set to live out their new lives temporarily at the Brooklyn Cat Cafe (both will soon be up for adoption!). We’re so thankful for Anne, whose quick thinking and general badassery ensured that the kitten was rescued safely and soundly. This hands-on experience is what we love to do at Keys to the Community, and we hope that this story brought a little happiness to your day!